SCA 2024

The 2024 International Workshop on

Scientific Computing and its Applications

Workshop Overview

The 2024 International Workshop on Scientific computing and its Applications (SCA 2024) will be held in Jeju, as one of registered workshops of PlatCon-24. Recently, since IT technology is rapidly developed and performance of computing and data processing is improved, many problems are solved in various fundamental science parts such as physics, chemistry, biology, meteorology, astronomy, etc. Due to improve performance of computing and data processing, ‘Higgs boson’ could be detected in physics part.

However, in order to solve many natural problems in various fundamental sciences, these inquire more advanced data processing, high-speed network, and high performance computing.

Therefore, many researchers in various fundamental sciences concentrate on increasing performance of IT technology such as computing, middleware, data processing, file system, computer system, network, and so on.

The aim of this workshop is to invite state of the art in research on Scientific Computing and its Applications in fundamental science. The workshop also covers interdisciplinary research and applications related to these areas. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality, significance and quality of contribution.

The SCA 2024 is the next event, in a series of highly successful International Conference on Platform Technology and Service, previously held as SCA 2023 (Busan, Korea, Aug. 2023), SCA 2022 (Jeju, Korea, Aug. 2022),  SCA 2021 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2021), SCA 2019 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2019), SCA 2018 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2018) and SCA 2017 (Busan, Korea, Feb. 2017).

Workshop Organization

General Chairs

Latchezar Betev, CERN, Switzerland

Sangoh Park, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Program Chairs

Mucheol Kim, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Jeong-Heon Kim, KISTI, Korea

Organizing Committees

Myung Il Kim, KISTI, Korea

Sang Un Ahn, KISTI, Korea

Jaehwan Lee, Chung-Ang University, Korea


Topics for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

Important Dates

All schedules follow the Track 2 timetable of the main conference.

Paper Submission

Proceedings & Journal Publications

This policy and procedure follow the Track2 rules of the main conference.


If you have enquiries about the SCA 2024, please contact Sangoh Park.