CIA 2023

The 2024 International Workshop on

Computer Image and its Applications

Workshop Overview

The 2024 International Workshop on Computer Image and its Applications (CIA 2024) aims to present the actual state of research of the main issues on Computer Images, and their Applications. The workshop also covers interdisciplinary research and applications related to these areas. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality, significance and quality of contribution.

The CIA 2024 is the next event, in a series of highly successful International Workshop on Computer Image and its Applications , previously held as CIA 2023 (Busan, Korea, Aug. 2023), CIA 2022 (Jeju, Korea, Aug. 2022), CIA 2021 (Jeju, Korea, Aug. 2021), CIA 2019 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2019), CIA 2018 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2018), CIA 2017(Busan, Korea, Feb. 2017), CIA 2015 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2015), CIA 2014 (Jeju, Korea, Feb. 2014), CIA 2012 (Vancouver, Canada, Jun. 2012), CIA 2011 (Busan, Korea, May 2011), and CIA 2010 (Cebu, Philippines, Aug. 2010).

Workshop Organization

General Chairs

SeungTaek Ryoo, Hanshin University, Korea

Sanghyun Seo, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Program Co-Chairs

Dongwann Kang, SeoulTech, Korea

Soo-Kyun Kim, Jeju National University, Korea

Organizing Committees 

Jae-Khun Chang, Hanshin University, Korea

Sangsoon Lim, Sungkyul University, Korea

Youngmyoung Kang, Sungkyul University, Korea

Technical Program Committees(TBA)

Sangsoon Lim, Sungkyul University, Korea

Cheung-Woon Jho, Dongseo University, Korea

JaeWhan Bae, DongMyung University, Korea

Junseong Bang, ETRI, Korea

Sungdae Hong, Seokyung University, Korea

YangMi Lim, DukSung Women's University, Korea

GilSang Yoo, Korea University, Korea

ShinJin Kang, HongIk University, Korea

Yoon Sang Kim, KoreaTech, Korea


Topics for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

Important Dates

All schedules follow the Track 2 timetable of the main conference.

Paper Submission

Proceedings & Journal Publications

This policy and procedure follow the rules of the main conference.


If you have enquiries about the CIA 2024, please contact Sanghyun Seo.