PSDT 2024

The 2024 International Workshop on
Public Sector Digital Transformation

Workshop Overview

The 2024 International Workshop on Public Sector Digital Transformation (PSDT 2024) aims to present the actual state of research of the main issues on Public Sector Digital Transformation. The workshop also covers interdisciplinary research and applications related to these areas. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality, significance and quality of contribution.

The 4th PSDT Workshop will be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea, on 26-28 August, 2024.

The history of PSDT Workshop is as follows: 1st (Jeju, Republic of Korea, 2021 / General Chair: Junseong Bang), 2nd (Jeju, Republic of Korea, 2022 / General Chair: Junseong Bang), 3rd (Busan, Republic of Korea, 2023 / General Chair: Kwang-Ju Kim)

Workshop Organization

General Chair

Kwang-Ju Kim, ETRI(Artificial Intelligence Application Research Section), Republic of Korea

Program Co-Chairs

Junseong Bang, ETRI (Technology Commercialization Department), Republic of Korea

Seung-Hun Oh, ETRI (Human Resource Digital Transformation Section), Republic of Korea

Organizing Committees

Byung-Tak Lee, ETRI (Human Resource Digital Transformation Section), Republic of Korea

Myeong-Ha Hwang, KEPCO Research Institute, Republic of Korea

Min-Je Cho, Police Science Institute (Korea National Police University), Republic of Korea

Youngbae Hwang, Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Technical Program Committees

Yonggeol Lee, Hanshin University, Republic of Korea

Jeyoun Dong, ETRI (Robot IT Convergence Research Section), Republic of Korea

Jiyoun Lim, ETRI (Human Augmentation Research Section), Republic of Korea 

Hyeon-Kon Son, DOUB Corp., Republic of Korea

Seonho Kim, Intellius Corp., Republic of Korea

Hyun-Jun Ko, NEXT-K Corp., Republic of Korea

Bo-Ram Lee, KIGAM (Marine geology & Energy Research Division), Republic of Korea

Sineae Kim, Korea National University of Education (Korea Artificial Intelligence convergence education research institute, KAI)

Seong Hee Kim, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea


Topics for this workshop include the following, but are not limited to:

Important Dates

All schedules follow the Track 1 timetable of the main conference.

Paper Submission

Proceedings & Journal Publications

This policy and procedure follow the rules of the main conference.


If you have inquiries about the PSDT 2024, please contact: Kwang-Ju Kim ( or Junseong Bang (