CyberCrime 2023

The 2023 International Workshop on CyberCrime

Technically Sponsored by ICRP

Workshop Overview

To highlight the importance of cybercrimes, PlatCon-23 is organizing the seventh event of the PlatCon conference series which is hosted and organized by the Institution of Creative Research Professionals (ICRP) and this year's event will be technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Busan section. The main focus of this workshop is to provide insights into the danger posed by cybercrimes, especially in the time of pandemics where organizations are supporting work from home. Cyber Crimes are up 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic and 92% malwares were delivered by email. Likewise, Android OS-based Trojan banker malware applications are also getting sophisticated while 98% of malware are targeting open-sourced Android devices according to the 2021 Cyber Security Statistics. We also observe the rise of ransomware attacks on the industries as well as on individuals. The financial and health sector are on the top target list of cybercrimes. Stealing health care and financial data were on the rise in 2021. Cybercrimes are not only limited to financial or health domains but also encompass cyberbullying, harassment and stalking. Awareness of such cyber-crimes and preventive measures are now a top priority. 

Actually, the CyberCrime 2023 is the next event, in a series of highly successful International Workshop on CR, previously held as  CyberCrime 2023 (Jeju, Korea, Aug. 2022), CRESG 2021 (Jeju, Korea, Aug. 2021) CRET 2019 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2019), CRET 2018 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2018), CRET 2017 (Busan, Korea, Feb. 2017), CRET 2016 (Jeju, Korea, Feb. 2016), CRET 2015 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2015) and CRCC 2014 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2014).

The first topic of this CR workshop series was "Computing & Communication", the second topic was "Education & Technology", and the third topic was "ESG", respectively. Now its primary concerns are focused on CyberCrime.

Workshop Organization

General Chairs

Hangbae Chang, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Daesik Ko, Senior Vice-President, ICT Platform Society, Korea

Program Chair

Seungmin Rho, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Sang-Soo Yeo, Mokwon University, Korea

Young-Ae Jung, Sun Moon University, Korea


The CyberCrime2022 includes all theory and practice topics of Cybercrime, but not limited to:

Important Dates

All the schedules follow the schedule of the main conference.

Paper Submission

Proceedings & Journal Publications

This policy and procedure follow the rules of the main conference.


If you have enquiries about the CyberCrime2023, please contact Seungmin Rho.